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The importance of grass roots sport.

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

It's thanks to clubs like Bingham Boxing Club that I have my career today. £2 a session meant it was an accessible club to join as a kid. It kept the majority of us out of trouble, most of the time anyway, and it shaped us into the adults we have become today.

From the outside, a boxing gym can seem a rough place, but even as the only female boxer, I felt safe there. I felt guided, it taught me to dig deep but reminded me on a weekly basis to stay humble. It kept me extremely fit and strong, and if we fast forward twenty years, it has allowed me to travel the world and pay my bills! Now, in 2023 there are so many more girls in boxing gyms (woo hoo!) and we've seen some fantastic female boxers headline huge shows and sell-out arenas.

I highly recommend checking out your local aba boxing gym! It's also an ambition of mine to one day open a gym! Here's a throwback to Bingham Boxing Club in the early 2000s.

Chin up; unless you're in the ring, then keep it down! ;)


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