To encourage movement and enhance well being for the elderly; embracing Gran/Grandad's inner Ninja!


To enable care home residents and elderly people who live alone, outdoor activity and company.


To motion activity; increasing blood flow & blood circulation, to boost and uplift. 


Pensioners who Skydive, Box, Roll and Rave...

Well, why not?!
We’re also happy to start with our gentle 'Sunday Strolls.’ 😉 

This is a free service/an exchange for some much needed wisdom from our senior citizens!

Starting in West London, but we'd like to eventually offer the service throughout the country.


We need your help...


Volunteers, please!


Any creative/fun ideas for “Sunday Strolls,” will be graciously received.


This is a work in progress and the page will be regularly updated.



We are donating copies of our “Up & Out” comic to care homes and hospitals. 

We understand staff are often rushed off their feet, so this is just our way to help provide some therauptic entertainment; reading and colouring in!

Every copy you buy, gifts an additional copy.

Alternatively, you may purchase the digital version and the same applies; it is our spin on BOGOF!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Buy One, Gift One.

Purchase the digital copy - £5.00

Saving paper? Cool, watch our digital comic version. Each purchase donates one more copy. If you have a care home / person in mind, let us know!

Alternatively, if you'd like to make a donation towards one or more comics for a good cause, you can donate an amount via PayPal. 

If you have a specific person or place in mind, please let us know! 

Every £10 raised, purchases 2 comics.

Jiu Jitsu Grandma.

This also feels like the perfect place to show off Jiu Jitsu Grandma! Isn't it amazing what can be achieved with determination!