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Looking to get fit whilst learning the sweet science of boxing? Perhaps you're an ABA or professional boxer working towards sharpening your skills.


We offer one-to-one or small private group training in London & Merseyside. Welcoming all ages and levels of abilities. 


Are you an actor wanting to look and feel authentic for an action film? 

Do you need an onscreen fighter or stunt double for your production / advert? 

We are experienced in both preparation for screen and action in front of camera. 

Actors we've worked with for screen include;


                Alicia Vikander 

                Henry Golding

                Takehiro Hira

Based in the UK, we have worked worldwide on productions in South Africa, Europe, and the USA.

If you are a production company please contact us directly for a quote. 

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Whether you're completely new to fitness or you're looking to change up your routine, we offer one-to-one or small group training in London & Merseyside, welcoming people of all ages and abilities.

There are a variety of options from gym based, outdoor or home sessions.

Guide Running


We welcome everyone. If you have any additional needs please contact us and we'll find a way to adapt the session to your needs! 

Below, James, a visually impaired client, is learning the 'sweet science.'  Rose is able to adapt the session with verbal prompts. She believes, if you truly know your art you can teach it to anyone!

Emzfit Boxing.jpg


For those short on time our remote training offers personal training over Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call. This gives you the added motivation to get your workout in whilst having guidance to ensure your movement is optimal. 

Please contact us directly to discuss price plans. These sessions are catered to all round fitness and not just boxing.

Sessions times are available in 30min, 45min and 1 hour slots and are catered to your space and available equipment; minimal required! 


"Rose challenges you to achieve above your own expectations through a variety of intense, energising and fun workouts. A lot can be accomplished in an hour!"

CATHY PAYNE / CEO of Banijay Rights

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