Running with headphones and staying aware!

Updated: May 9, 2021

A large majority of people feel that music helps boost their workout and whilst we also love music, safety first people!

Music at a low volume still causes sensory deprivation, our reactions just aren't as quick when dealing with the dangers around us.

But if running without headphones is something you can't compromise on then there is a safer solution.

*Drum roll*

Bone conductor headphones!

What are bone conductor headphones?

Bone conductor headphones rest on the cheekbone, sending sound vibrations through the bone, to the cochlea. This leaves the ear and external auditory canal open for surrounding noise.

Pub quiz knowledge - One of the first people to use this method of vibration was Beetoven.

So we searched the globe...on google and found the Aftershokz -Air Trekz.

Here's our verdict.

Easy Syncing

It was important that our headphones were compatiable with our Garmin watches. Whether you use your fitness watch to track progress or for stat brags on the gram, it was vital they worked together.

The Air Trekz connected easily to the Garmin Vivoactive 4s and the same goes for the iPhone, and with a fitted mic they make it a useful gadget for hands free calling...although don't call us when we are working out. Ain't nobody got oxygen for that!

It's worth noting here the headphones come with cotton buds, but we felt this kind of defeated the object of awareness. So without the buds and with the volume set to mid-level we were ready to roll...or run, or roll. Whatever floats your boat!

Sensory Awareness

Running the busy streets of London was the perfect place to test the headphones...although it wasn't a great place for getting some pace so we headed to Hammersmith and along the river route. There was no trouble hearing both the music and the surround hustle and bustle.

Comfort and Movement

The headphones aren't adjustable and upon first impressions there was concern that they might jump all over the place.

So we jumped all over the place...

And they didn't even move! Great. They were equally light and comfortable. There was a suggestion of taking them skydiving for the proper tumble test so stay tuned for that one.

If you wear glasses however you may have to adjust your frames as they pinch the ear space in which your glasses usually rest.

Sound Quality

Bearing in mind we tested these without the ear plugs because we feel strongly about staying as aware as possible and whilst full awareness and reactions can only be achieved without music. This was our compromise.

So on that basis whilst you can’t expect the kind of bass you’d get from a pair of Beats. The sound quality is still impressive. Using the volume control on the headphones at top range it actually felt too loud so a mid-way volume felt a good balance for both music and the outside world.

So it's goodbye to over the ear headphones and hello bone conductors!

If you do decide to purchase a pair please use our link below! We obviously already love you, but we will love you more.

Work hard, stay aware!


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