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Running with headphones and staying aware!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A large majority of people feel that music helps boost their workout and whilst we love music, working out safely with headphones is important.

Once we put our headphones in, whether they be over the head - bass, or inner ear we shut out the world for a while. But it also means we shut off our sensors to what’s going on around us. Cars, bikes and general awareness. Even at a lower volume, sensory deprivation still occurs. We don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is.

But if you must, there is an alternative way to listen to music whilst keeping your ears open.

*Drum roll*

Bone conductor headphones!

What are bone conductor headphones?

Bone conductor headphones rest on the cheekbone, sending sound vibrations through the bone, to the cochlea. This leaves the ear and external auditory canal open for surrounding noise.

Pub quiz knowledge - One of the first people to use this method of vibration was Beetoven. Check out the video below to learn more.

So we tried out the Aftershokz -Air Trekz, bone conductor headphones and here’s our verdict.

Easy Syncing

It was important that our headphones were compatiable with our Garmin watches. Whether you use your fitness watch to track progress or for stat brags on the gram, it was vital they would connect!

The Air Trekz easily connected to the Garmin Vivoactive 4s. Once you’ve downloaded your Spotify playlists to the watch you simply press play - easy.

The headphones also connected easily with the iPhone and have a fitted microphone for easy hands free calling.

With the volume set to mid-level we were ready to roll...or run, or roll. Whatever floats your boat!

Sensory Awareness

A strange sensation at first, being able to hear your music whilst being aware of everything around you. Running the busy streets of London was the perfect place to test the headphones. Although not a usual choice, too many people so we headed to Hammersmith and along the river route. There was no trouble hearing the daily road rage on the streets - not us and skateboarding foxes along the river.

Comfort and Movement

The headphones aren't adjustable and upon first impressions of them sitting away from the back of the head there was concern that they might jump all over the place.

So we jumped all over the place...

And they didn't even move! Great. There was suggestion of taking them skydiving for the proper tumble test so stay tuned for that one. They were light and comfortable.

However if you wear glasses you may have to adjust your frames as they sit in the space in which your glasses usually rest.

Sound Quality

The headphones come with ear plugs. However we tested these without the ear plugs!

The reason we chose this is because we feel strongly about staying as aware as possible and whilst full awareness and reactions can only be achieved without music. This was our compromise.

So on that basis...

Whilst you can’t expect the kind of bass you’d get from a pair of Beats. The sound quality is still impressive. Using the volume control on the headphones at top range it was actually too loud so a mid-way volume felt a good balance for both music and the outside world.

So it's goodbye to over the ear headphones and hello bone conductors!

Work hard, stay aware!


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